Every day, it seems, I find myself looking up words and their etymologies, trying to get at the root of what something I've just read means. Sometimes it's a word in the Bible, and I end up wading my way through ancient languages I've never studied, searching for clues. Other times it's just words from daily life that suddenly pertain to some matter I'm struggling with or considering. Often the word has changed over the centuries; I find such words particularly fascinating—particularly when, as is often the case, the word's current meaning is at odds with what it once meant. Some of these word studies find their way into my writing projects. My goal is to post new words weekly, sometimes brand new material and sometimes excerpts from my books.

11 December 2006

The Puppies Are Here!

Seems to me when there's a birth in the offing, that's all the news there is. So, although this is my first real blog entry and my first book and it seems as though what I say here ought to be about the book or at least a topic of interest to visitors to this site, I have to tell you that there were nine fat lab pups born to us last Friday. We've been waiting and waiting, and even when our good Tessi dog went into labor, it seemed they would never come. And they didn't. It took a trip to the vet and a whole nother day of thinking/feeling/praying, "Veni! Veni!"

But now they're here. Five chocolate and four black. Out in the garage. Safe.